This is my current July 2016 wishlist, in no particular order. WARNING: there may be swears ahead. There might also be some politics.

  1. For people to stop fucking killing each other
  2. For my local car dealership to sort out its customer service and when I complain about its customer service for the manager there not to have the damned cheek to try to put things right by giving me a discount on buying a new fucking car.
  3. For people in companies to do the right thing, instead of pointing at ‘terms and conditions’ as if this excuses low moral dealing.
  4. For all the racists to fuck the fuck off of my planet
  5. World Peace.
  6. For the Labour Party to pull together around its elected leader and stop being fucking awful to each other. For people in the Labour Party to stop saying ‘what the members want isn’t the only thing that matters’ and remember that socialism starts with the idea that everyone is equal and that’s why the Labour Party elects its leader with the ‘one member one vote’ system.
  7. For the Pokemon Go! servers to come back up. This shit is getting my husband and stepsons fit and healthy!
  8. For people to stop going on about this being the most difficult time in our history. Bitch, please! WW2 anyone? WW1? Get a life and get some perspective.
  9. For middle class University educated people who are supposedly socialist to stop screaming into the social media void about how all the thick people shouldn’t have been able to vote in the referendum and remember that socialism is about the idea that EVERYONE IS EQUAL.
  10. For everyone to buy my books and make me rich so that I can spend my time writing lists, campaigning for Important Causes and making World Peace happen. And eating nice food and travelling the world and all that too.

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