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This is my current July 2016 wishlist, in no particular order. WARNING: there may be swears ahead. There might also be some politics. For people to stop fucking killing each other For my local car dealership to sort out its … Continue reading

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Words and how to use them, number 1: Internet Troll

In a bizarre moment of synchronicity, I was reminded today of one of the factors that influenced me when I was writing my latest book series THE TROLL. It was all to do with a recent post someone made on … Continue reading

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The righteous block? 

I’ve had a couple of incidents this week on the Internet that have really quite upset me and I guess that’s what has inspired this blogpost. I’m not going to name names. This isn’t about shaming anyone involved, nor about … Continue reading

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Some rules for internet peace of mind

Today, I finally ‘unliked’ a page on Facebook that had been driving me a bit nuts for weeks. The relief I felt in doing so made me consider why I stayed attached to this little area of the net for … Continue reading

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