Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Troll at Christmas, post 3

I got all excited in the pub last night, when someone suggested that my TROLL novella might be the first social media thriller. They said they’d never heard of anything similar, so I immediately needed to find out if they were right. I didn’t think it was likely but always worth checking these things out…. The first […]

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THE TROLL at Christmas: Post 2

My apologies, folks. I had promised to post this yesterday and ended up out with friends for most of the day and all evening. So here it is now. Chapter 1 of the the first novella in my TROLL series. Chapter 2 will be up early evening today. Enjoy…  The book is currently available  on amazon […]

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The Troll at Christmas

If you are a regular reader of this blog, or my facebook and twitter feeds, then you won’t have been able to miss that, this year, I wrote and published a trilogy of thriller novellas called THE TROLL. What you might not know is that the first story in the series is a Christmas story. Perhaps not quite so […]

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