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In case you’ve landed here by accident, a little bit about me. My name’s Nicola Monaghan and I write novels, scripts and short stories.

My latest book is Dead Flowers, the first in a series about DNA expert Dr Sian Love and her hero German Shepherd, Elvis. Pre-order it on Amazon now!

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I also wrote The Killing Jar, Starfishing, The Troll trilogy, The Okinawa Dragon and The Night Lingers and other stories.

I’ve also written a number of short films. You can watch them here

My first novel The Killing Jar is set on the council estate where I lived as a child. It tells the story of Kerrie Ann Hill, who grows up not knowing her dad, and with a junkie mother. Her life moves in the direction you’d imagine it might under those circumstances. Except that Kerrie dreams of escape, and butterflies, and the Amazon rainforest she was introduced to by a neighbour as a young child. I was lucky enough to win several prizes when this book came out and I’m now working on a script with talented writer/director Deborah Haywood.

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My latest book, Dead Flowers
Dead Flowers
Nicola Monaghan’s books on Goodreads
The Killing Jar The Killing Jar
reviews: 74
ratings: 487 (avg rating 3.88)

Starfishing Starfishing
reviews: 13
ratings: 68 (avg rating 3.60)

Dead Flowers Dead Flowers
reviews: 16
ratings: 14 (avg rating 4.36)

The Troll: Book 1: The boy with the sliver of ice in his heart The Troll: Book 1: The boy with the sliver of ice in his heart
reviews: 6
ratings: 12 (avg rating 3.92)

The Okinawa Dragon. Nicola Monaghan The Okinawa Dragon. Nicola Monaghan
reviews: 1
ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.20)

(Photo credits: (c) Charles Valentine 2013, Edited by Tim Challen. Model is Sian Monaghan. This image appears in Creative England’s talent brochure 2013)
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  1. Nicola just read The Killing Jar and enjoyed every page. My mother taught at John Player so it was especially vivid in my imagination.

  2. Hi Nicola,

    I completed The Killing Jar a couple weeks or so I think it was ago. I got Starfishing which I’ll read next once I read this Madeleine Wickham book I’m on (I’d have just kept the grit theme going but I had to drop a bit of chick lit in *shrug*) but I’m looking forward. Thoroughly enjoyed the first book though the ending left me wanting a bit more. Couldn’t understand why Mark had a dead dog in the shed and I wish I’d known what had gone off with the little brother. Great depiction of the rave scene and all the emotional effects of the junkie lifestyle on both the user and those who know a user. I was very intrigued and fully engrossed. Keep up the great work. I lived in Notts for awhile and went to Uni Notts but I am living in LA where I am actually from. Good luck xx

  3. Wow. What a great book! I loved how strong Kerrie Ann is in-spite of all the enormous challenges in her life. She is a true inspiration. I loved the “accent” too although being from the US it was a struggle at times to understand but made me feel like I was there! How conflicted her feelings were towards Mark and their long history together was so true, I felt. Just a great read….wonderful job, Nocola!

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    Thanks, Aly

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