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I’m asked a lot about how to write a novel or script, or how to get started as a writer, so I’ve created a YouTube Channel, The Write Channel, to answer lots of those questions. I will also be blogging about these topics on this website, so make sure you subscribe here so that you don’t miss anything.

I don’t currently read manuscripts for other writers, as I simply don’t have time.

5 Comments on “The Write Channel”

    • Not necessarily. Time and space away from the work can really help. When you come back to it with fresh eyes you might find you know exactly what to do. You might also find you solve some of the problems when you’re not thinking about it. Good luck!

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  2. Hi Nicole, Thanks for your help albeit a bit late. First book, pre-teen, space travel, endangered species, experience v. innocence, transformation/growth, redemption, love/relationships, and more. You can tell I didn’t see your tips until too late– about 220 pages of vignettes, comical scenarios, character intros/descriptions. I painted myself into many corners and never really extricated myself.
    So I became a bit more than discouraged and abandoned it for 5 mos. One of the good things I did was at the least turn my computer on every day for 10 seconds and stare with blank eyes. It was enough to keep me slightly interested.
    Anyhow, I created a ton of work for myself sorting out what/who I’ve even created. A good metaphor- a picture puzzle without the picture and lots of jigsaw pieces strewn all over my wall in post-its.
    My feeble solution is going back though about 40 vignettes and tidying up sentence structure and glaring goofs. I’m hoping subliminally a structure will magically land in my confused brain/mind.
    Help! I really don’t want to jump ship. Somebody’s got to write books. Might as well be feeble me. On the other hand I’m not sure if what I have can be molded into a book. Greg

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