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The Killing Jar Amazon US or Amazon UK

Starfishing Amazon US or Amazon UK

The Okinawa Dragon Amazon US or Amazon UK

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More by or about me…

STARCROSS – my short film, available online for a short time

Psychos – my chapter in James Walker’s Dawn of the Unread project

Transcendental Swimming

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer 

Destined for all this Writing – excerpts and stories

Starfish Soup – where a character comes to life

Author page at Random House, UK

Author page at Scribner USA

Recommended reading

Emma Darwin’s Itch of Writing 

Elizabeth Baines

Terrible Minds by Chuck Wendig

Nameless Horror by John Rickards/Sean Cregan

Mel Sherratt, a self-published and now traditionally published sensation

Nicola Morgan

Sarah Pinborough, who you should also follow on twitter if you know what you’re doing

Tania Hershman, our flash fiction maven

Writing about Writing by Cally Taylor aka CL Taylor

Graham Joyce and David Belbin, who taught me everything I know about writing. Well, quite a lot of it, anyway.

My lovely husband and most loyal supporter and fan, who also happens to trade retro consoles and games.

By students and alumni of the courses I’ve taught on…

Sophie Ward

Edmund Bealby-Wright

The Old Bat by Pippa Hennessy

The Mouthy Poets, a collective set up by Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson

Tina Freeth

Elaine Aldred

Such Friends by Kathleen Dixon-Donnelly

Emma Whittle

Emma Bamford

Octavia Grey

Your Copy – copy editing service by Beth Sirl

Andrew Henley

Kim Jamison

Hemsley’s editorial services (who I use and recommend if you’re looking for an editor!)

(If you are a student or ex-student of mine and wish to appear in this list, drop me a line and I’ll sort that out.)


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  1. Carl Elder says:

    Hi Nicola, I am the Headteacher of a school that is referred to in your excellent book, The Killing Jar. I believe you also grew up in the area. I’m always looking for inspirational visitors to come to our school to demonstrate to our students just what is possible and what opportunities there are for them beyond Bilborough and Nottingham. It’d be great if you would consider coming to meet and talk to some of our current students. I have recently read your book and followed you on twitter. I hope to hear from you.

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