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This is my current July 2016 wishlist, in no particular order. WARNING: there may be swears ahead. There might also be some politics. For people to stop fucking killing each other For my local car dealership to sort out its … Continue reading

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The Troll at Christmas, post 3

I got all excited in the pub last night, when someone suggested that my TROLL novella might be the first social media thriller. They said they’d never heard of anything similar, so I immediately needed to find out if they were … Continue reading

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In other news. The Troll.

The latest book in my TROLL series is out now, on Amazon. To celebrate, the first book is currently free on Amazon UK, and the second is reduced to 99p. Fill yer boots, ducks. If you’re USA based, watch this … Continue reading

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Pigs, trolls and other stories

Okay, so I was hoping to bring out my third book in THE TROLL series of novellas on a slow news day. Just goes to show you can’t plan these things… In a way, though, it’s apt, with the whole … Continue reading

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Words and how to use them, number 1: Internet Troll

In a bizarre moment of synchronicity, I was reminded today of one of the factors that influenced me when I was writing my latest book series THE TROLL. It was all to do with a recent post someone made on … Continue reading

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