My new novel, Dead Flowers, is out later this week. In the run up to its release, I’m going to post a short blog every day about an aspect of the story.

Today is all about Elvis.

Elvis is my main character Sian’s dog, a retired cadaver dog who used to help the police find dead bodies. He’s a German Shepherd, and her very best friend (and probably the only creature in the world she truly trusts)

The inspiration for Elvis was my own dog, also called Elvis. He’s a German Shepherd/Mastiff Cross and a total gentle giant. He’s never been trained by the police, but he’s good at finding his toys, and any food anyone’s left.

We adopted him from the dogs trust as a puppy and, currently, he shares the house with his sister, Bongo, and step sister who we are fostering called June.

Elvis is a very good boy!

Lovely Elvis