STARCROSS: online screening

I was very lucky last year to be asked to be involved in some really cool projects. One of the best of these was STARCROSS, a short film I wrote for director Ash Morris. Ash often says ‘I’m just a lad from Stoke.’ Well, he’s a very talented lad from Stoke.

He used Kickstarter to fund the project and got some amazing people on board. His direction and the acting and photography are all sublime. I’m so thrilled with what all these talented people have done with my story.

And, of course, the real heroes in all this are the good folks who gave us the money to make this film. They’re in the credits. Thank you thank you thank you, all of you.Thank you. I can’t say it enough.

Here’s a link to the film on vimeo. I think it’s ace, but am perhaps slightly biased. I hope you enjoy it. It’s not available for much longer so get on it. The password is saturdaynightsundaymorning

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