The Dream Tiger and the Shed

This is a something I wrote a while back on twitter, and posted to my old blog. It is all absolutely true. I remembered it because my cat interfered when I was recording a vlog and persuaded me to make the video all about her. She’s a bogger, as we say where I come from. I’ve thought about writing this up as a proper short story but suspect that the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ rule might kick in, and it might not work. I enjoyed re-reading it and remembering that night.

transcendental swimming

Last night, the most extraordinary thing happened to me. It was so odd that I was driven this morning to try to capture the moment for others. I tweeted the story, but I am collating it here to keep it all in one place, and in a readable order. Apologies in advance for the odd typo along the way. I was so desperate to get this written down before I forgot it and I perhaps rushed some tweets.

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