Some Kind of Fairy Tale: The Magic of Graham Joyce Lives on…

This is so lovely.

Dawn of the Unread

Ella Joyce and David Belbin discussing their forthcoming chapter at Bromley House Library Ella Joyce and David Belbin discussing their forthcoming chapter. Picture taken in the attic at Bromley House Library

I’ve got some good news that I’ve been desperate to share. But it starts with some sad news first.

Graham Joyce was originally commissioned to be one of the writers for Dawn of the Unread. There were many reasons for his inclusion, not least the ridiculous amount of times he won the World Fantasy Award, but because of his keynote speech at the 2010 Writing Industries Conference when he talked about writers having to become more adaptable and writing across mediums if they wanted to make a living as a writer. Dawn of the Unread is a combination of videos, social media, and essays all held together through a graphic novel, made available across media platforms. This made him perfect for the project, in addition to being one of my all-time favourite…

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