Graham Joyce (22 October 1954 – 9 September 2014)

A lovely tribute written by James Walker to my friend, tutor and mentor Graham Joyce, who died yesterday. I agree wholeheartedly with everything, and especially about The Silent Land. A cracking book, and also one full of meaning and resonance following Graham’s death. Everyone should read this book.

Dawn of the Unread

Graham Joyce passed away on the 9 September aged 59. Graham was one of the first writers we approached for Dawn of the Unread and was originally scheduled to write our Gotham Fool chapter. When he became ill we agreed to see how things went and pencil him in for our penultimate chapter if his situation improved.

During his career Graham produced twenty-one novels, numerous short stories and was awarded the British Fantasy Award an incredible seven times. He also won an O. Henry Award for An Ordinary Soldier of the Queen.

Graham was an incredibly charismatic individual and a master at holding court, as entertaining in real life as he was on the page, making him that very rare commodity – a very human writer with a personality! I fondly remember a panel talk he did for LeftLion as part of the British Art Show as well as his

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