Quit The ‘Must Have’ Writing Posts in 5 Easy Steps

Yes, this.

Rebecca Bradley

2013-07-02 19.20.42 I follow a lot of book lovers on Twitter. That’s a given. I love books. A lot of those book lovers are writers. Like me, a selection of those are as yet, unpublished. And within those, another selection blog themselves and/or read writing related blogs to inform themselves of the current state of the industry and to just generally see what they can do to help themselves keep moving forward writing that novel.

Yesterday I was on Twitter briefly and I saw a slew of posts on Writing. I read one. A blog post saying I “Must Have” these 10 things to help me write my novel. Writing apps. Books. Books on writing and books that editors referred to.

And while I read writing related blogs – I do. I know there is nothing that I “Must Have” to help me get that novel past anyone.

So, Here’s what we’re…

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