Hi, and welcome to my website. Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay.

In case you’ve landed here by accident, a little bit about me. My name’s Nicola Monaghan and I write novels. You can read more about these books and buy them from the Nottingham Books website or on my Amazon page. If you’re stateside, here I am via my publisher Scribner.

My first and best known novel is The Killing Jar, a story set on the council estate where I lived as a child. The book follows the story of Kerrie Ann Hill, who grows up not knowing her dad, and with a junkie mother. Her life moves in the direction you’d imagine it might under those circumstances. Except that Kerrie dreams of escape, and butterflies, and the Amazon rainforest she was introduced to by a neighbour as a young child. The photograph above was inspired by this story. I was lucky enough to win several prizes when this book came out and I’m now working on a script with talented writer/director Deborah Haywood.

I’ve written a few other books since then and I also write short stories, scripts, articles, comics… I love writing and experimenting with different forms and genres. You can see a little more of how that works out here.

Read more about me here, or check out my blog here.


(Photo credits: (c) Charles Valentine 2013, Model is Sian Monaghan. This image appears in Creative England’s talent brochure 2013)



2 Responses to Home

  1. Paul Johnston says:

    Nicola just read The Killing Jar and enjoyed every page. My mother taught at John Player so it was especially vivid in my imagination.

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